5X1" Red Green 3D Beadwork Flower Applique and Crafts Beaded Strip P26/18 [P-26-SB-18]

 Price: $7.25

Beaded Strip beautifully hand beaded with small size 11/0 Cz Seed Beads.

Seed Beads Pattern Beaded Applique Iron On Strips Can Be Sewn Or And Glued Onto Your Outfit, Shoes, Hat, Curtains,Cushion Cover,Guitar Straps,Saddle,Halter ,Wood Or Material For Decoration. Iron On Cotton Cloth Pasted And Sewn On One Part Of Full Length Of Beaded Strip, To Sew Or And Paste,Iron On Perfectely Where Ever You Want To Use ..

Metal :
Beads :
Cz Seed Beads
Weight :
Length :
5.1 inch
Max Width :
1 inch


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