Handmade Beaded Rosette Medallion Patch Applique – Four Directions Design – 2.5 Inch Round


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Add a touch of Native American-inspired artistry to your clothing or crafts with this Handmade Beaded Rosette Medallion Patch Applique. Crafted with Czech beads and featuring a Four Directions design, this 2.5-inch round patch is perfect for making a statement.


This Handmade Beaded Rosette Medallion Patch Applique is a stunning piece crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Measuring 2.5 inches round, it features a striking design inspired by the Four Directions. Made with high-quality Czech beads size 11/0, the colors used include vibrant shades of red, white, black, and yellow. The rosette is backed with soft and durable suede leather, ensuring its longevity and comfort when worn or displayed. Whether added to clothing, accessories, or crafts, this beaded patch is a unique and eye-catching adornment that showcases traditional craftsmanship and Native American-inspired art.

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